Piedmontese wines

The vineyards, the company’s vital heart, extend over an area of approximately 7 hectares (4.5 acres of property and about 2.5 hectares for rent). Almost all of the surface is located in the southern part of Castel Rocchero, in an “amphitheater” valley at 414 m above sea level. The rest of the vineyards is in a common surrounding, Castel Boglione, about 300 m above sea level. The vineyards are all exposed to the south, south-east, south-west; Excellent exposure allows the perfect maturity and the synthesis of the characteristic aromas of the grapes.

The soils are lime marrow, in some areas of the vineyards there is a greater presence of clay. This soil structure allows to drain excess water and maintain good water supply in the depths, which are useful to the vine in the case of drought periods. The most cultivated varieties are Barbera, Brachetto, Moscato.

vino rosso piemontese

“We met every year
to harvest...”

Born in Lombardy in the mid-1990s, he had to go with his family from Castrocaro Terme, who had a farm with vineyards, orchards and olive trees. They needed those weekends to relax and forget about everything. During his return trip to one of these weekend’s friends, his father came out with the intention of buying a farm and in particular a vineyard. Although Alessandro was only 16 years old, he soon became enthusiastic about the idea, the search began at first in Oltrepo’ Pavese, then moved to Piedmont focusing on the Monferrato Astigiano.

vino rosso piemontese

Typical mediterrean climate

The vineyards are all exposed to the south, south-east and south-west; Excellent exposure allows the perfect maturity and the synthesis of the characteristic aromas of the grapes.

During the vegetative season of the vine, due to the distance from the sea in the air of 30/35 km, frequent is the wind coming from the sea (Marin). This constant ventilation allows grape integrity and ripening. Another fundamental feature of this climate is the thermal excursion between day and night, allowing an excellent build up of the aromatic profile of the grapes and giving the wines elegance and finesse.

The breeding system is the traditional counter-molded form, pruned at Guyot.
The harvest is strictly handmade, with further selection and briquette cleaning, in 15 kg cassettes. This method of harvesting allows to maintain the bunches and intrinsic characteristics of the vine, avoiding the formation of oxidative and fermentative reactions before being conferred in the cellar.
The care of vineyards and winemaking processes, at any time of the year, allow to obtain the wines of expression of the land, highlighting the typical characteristics of the vine, the influence of soil and the climate of the vintage.

brachetto, moscato d'asti, barbera del monferrato
brachetto, moscato d'asti, barbera del monferrato
Our wines

Barbera d'Asti


Moscato d'Asti




The territory of Monferrato Astigiano

Monferrato was recognized, together with Langhe and Roero in June 2014, UNESCO World Heritage Site due to the universal value represented by the rooted wine culture and the extraordinary landscape molded by man’s work, as a function of Vine growing and wine production. Here is what encapsulates this territory.


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