Castel Rocchero

The Company is in Castel Rocchero, a small town of 395 inhabitants, to 414 m.s.lm south-east in the province of Asti. The municipality is part of the Monferrato Astigiano territory. An expanse of gentle hills covered entirely by vineyards, to which small forests, arable trees and coralas alternate on their slopes.

Monferrato, to be precise, is a historical region in Piedmont comprised in the province of Alessandria and partly in that of Asti, delimited by the courses of Tanaro, Belbo and Bormida and the Po course.
Monferrato was recognized, together with Langhe and Roero in June 2014, by UNESCO World Heritage Site due to the universal value represented by the rooted wine culture and the extraordinary landscape shaped by man’s work as a function of Vine growing and wine production. That’s what encapsulates this territory.

barbera del monferrato

San Martino summer

It is a land to be crossed slowly and paying attention: mountains, rivers and hills where to stop, to know and appreciate, through the discrete account of things and people, a lifestyle that is revealed in traditions, art history, food and in the thermal waters. The landscape of the Monferrato is almost like a succession of paintings, written on canvases by many different authors, so many are the men who over the centuries have modified it, sculpted in the earth, among the rows of vineyards, the fields plowed, The orchards, the lands scattered on the hills and often overlooked by a castle.

The best time to visit the Monferrato is between September and October, a period where we can enjoy the excellent smell of wine. This is the “San Martino summer” season, when the beautiful hills of Monferrato take on golden and reddish colors. Autumn and winter, in fact, are the seasons favorite by the gourmets who will be able to taste, in conjunction with the fine wines, the prestigious truffles, mushrooms, chestnuts and hazelnuts.

barbera d'asti

A land of emotions

Land of history and wines, villages and hills, castles and valleys, its name dates back to the legendary figure of Marquis Aleramo, who lived between 904 and 993, and his crazy horse race lasting three days and three nights to define the boundaries Of that land that would become his own, and that he would then call Monferrato, from the brick (mòn in Piedmont) that Aleramo himself used to ferret the horse that during the infinite ride was deprived of iron (fèr).
The birth of this land of emotions and poetry is therefore to be attributed to the one who became the first Marquis, in the distance of 967, a lord of this portion of Piedmont.

Distinguished by a plot of valleys dotted with a myriad of villages, where woods alternate with vineyards, cultivated areas and meadows, more than exploring it with the map in hand, it is to be discovered by letting go of the curiosity and the desire to see. Knowing and enjoying Monferrato that from the lands of the north, reaching the boundaries of the rice paddies, pushes to embrace Roero and Langhe, extending to the borders of Liguria. A land with two capitals. The north, in the northern edge of the alessandrines, and the one in the center of the Monferrines, in the heart of Asti.


“We met every year
to harvest...”

Born in Lombardy in the mid-1990s, he had to go with his family from Castrocaro Terme, who had a farm with vineyards, orchards and olive trees. They needed those weekends to relax and forget about everything. During his return trip to one of these weekend’s friends, his father came out with the intention of buying a farm and in particular a vineyard. Although Alessandro was only 16 years old, he soon became enthusiastic about the idea, the search began at first in Oltrepo’ Pavese, then moved to Piedmont focusing on the Monferrato Astigiano.

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