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barbera d'asti

The perfect match between
climate and
ground composition

Piemonte is a region mainly dedicated to viticulture: Monferrato most af all: small forests alternate with vineyards covering the summits and slopes of the hills. In Monferrato, vines and wine are an expression of culture and tradition as well as one of the main sources of wealth, the result of a tenacious attachment to earth and centuries of hard work. Its lands are fairly recent, have a lot of limestone, clay and rocks, and rock at a shallow depth, and because of the high thermal excursions, the vine gives you great results, especially in white wines. They are the typical calcareous-marnious soils, white, light gray or beige, rich in calcium carbonate. The vine grows well, giving strong wines rich in color (in red), sometimes with tuff-smell, which remain long over time.


“We met every year
to harvest...”

Born in Lombardy in the mid-1990s, he had to go with his family from Castrocaro Terme, who had a farm with vineyards, orchards and olive trees. They needed those weekends to relax and forget about everything. During his return trip to one of these weekend’s friends, his father came out with the intention of buying a farm and in particular a vineyard. Although Alessandro was only 16 years old, he soon became enthusiastic about the idea, the search began at first in Oltrepo’ Pavese, then moved to Piedmont focusing on the Monferrato Astigiano.

vino rosso piemontese

Cultivate with wisdom

The choice of pure vinification and vinification techniques (not invasive at all) make it possible to enhance the characteristics of typical grapes in the area, with the extra mileage that gives fresh freshness and minerality, allowing a good balance between softness and sapidity. Our “philosophy” is the extreme care of small vineyard particles, up to the single vines, depending on the different vegetative and physiological responses given by soil diversity (franked ground with high sand). All this from any operation, winter, spring-summer until harvest, which requires the careful work of man’s hand. Harvesting is strictly manual and through the use of baskets, in order to avoid the breaking of the grapes that affect the qualitative parameters required, in order to obtain the quality wine which expresses the typical characteristics of the grape until tasting.


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